VinoeOli hospitality prides itself on offering our guests the widest possible panoply of choices. Our staff is always on hand to personally assist them with logistic questions and help them organize a splendid stay.

Cars, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles can be rented.

There is a parking space 300 metres from the apartments.

Free time
When in the eternal city. Rome offers an ever-bustling calendar to choose from: concerts, plays, exhibits and sports events are constantly taking place. A reservation service is available to assist our guests in purchasing everything from train to theater tickets.

For culture vultures and art aficionados, there is a plethora of excursions and guided tours to show you Rome’s treasure chest of artworks and its charming surroundings. Shopping tours with personal shoppers to Rome’s best boutiques can be arranged. We also offer fitness sessions with personal trainers in Rome’s parks, on the Tiber banks and in select Rome gyms and fitness centers.