Quality Choice 
The convivial pleasures of good wines, with their manifold stories and myriad colors, are an essential component of the VinoeOli project. Each apartment comes with its own detailed wine menu along with a selection of bottles, tailored according to the time of the year.

Not only Italy
Together with Italian labels, our guests will also find a sprinkling of foreign vintages. All our wines are tasted, reviewed and chosen with great care: we are always striving to surprise our guests with a new flavor nuance or a lesser known vintner they might find of interest. Enjoy, explore and perhaps even embark on a small epicurean journey within a journey: this is the spirit with which VinoeOli custom-creates every apartment’s personalized cellar. Craft beers and a refined assortment of hard liquors are also available on request.

The tasting and tasting program, specially designed to give birth to love for wine, includes various appointments with great connoisseurs, producers and writers. Taking part in the calendar is simple. Just like having a private one, tailored to fit.